TERA Rising eliminates 90% of initial game download with data streaming

By Michael Jamias
tera rising download data streaming

Through a partnership with Happy Cloud, the TERA Rising game now boasts of on demand access that promises to cut down on the download wait.

TERA Rising is one of the bigger mmorpg games out there, with a 22 GB initial download client. But using the streaming technology from Happy Cloud, players of the mmorpg will no longer have to suffer through the massive download requirement.

“A 22 GB download and installation can take days.  We’ve cut the initial download by over 90% and eliminated the installation process entirely, all without making any changes to the game’s source code,” said Happy Cloud in explaining how its technology will benefit new TERA Rising players.
For its part, En Masse Entertainment said that it expects more players to get into the game now that the download barrier is no longer as forbidding as before. The company also assured that the download shortcut will not affect the game quality in any way; players can still expect to play a graphically rich, fast-paced game and explore hundreds of hours of content.

Launched in early 2013, TERA Rising is the free online rpg version of En Masse Entertainment’s original TERA game, which had a subscription model.


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