TERA: Rising to revamp political system in Alliance update

By Michael Jamias
tera political system revamp

The political system has been redone and will be re-released in the upcoming TERA: Rising Alliance update later this month.

Offering what developers call "a radically changed gaming experience", TERA players will be able to form alliances with the Velika, Allemantheia or Kaiator and help boost the political position of their chosen alliance.

Watch the trailer for a visual recap of the improvements coming in the revamped TERA political system:


The Alliance system will support a new continent-wide PvP combat system for the free online rpg between the three alliances. Guild leaders will decide which alliance the whole guild -- from the top-ranked officers down to the new recruits -- to support. This means guild members need to convince their leaders into backing their favored alliance.

Once a guild has cemented their allegiance to an alliance, their members then get access to missions that will hand out valuable rewards.

Alliances who win the periodic skirmishes will also earn for their coalition the privilege of priority access to an instanced dungeon. Developers have also devised alliance-specific advantages to make the choice among MMORPG fans more compelling.

The Kaiator alliance offers improved resistance against numbing effects, Allemantheia provides additional credits while the Velika enables its members to loot more gold from defeated monsters.

The conflict between the three alliances will come down to who manages to harness the powers of the mysterious mineral Noctenium.

TERA fans will have to make their way up their alliance ladder, gaining more rank and recognition by participating in the alliance war and wrestling resource control from rivals.

The three-alliance system has been designed to make it very hard for a single alliance to gain sustained and complete dominion over Arborea. The two losing factions can easily conspire to topple the leading alliance, and then battle it out to take over the vacant leadership void.


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