TERA to release new class in spring 2014

By Michael Jamias
tera new class spring 2014

TERA's class roster will soon increase to nine with the addition of a new class in 2014, sometime in the March-May spring season, according to a top developer.

"I’m excited to reveal that we’ll be introducing a brand new class into the ranks with her own set of skills and weapons," said TERA associate producer Patrick "Treeshark" Sun in his yearend letter to mmorpg fans.

"There's not much I can say yet, but we're looking forward to the damage she'll wreak on some BAMs come springtime."

A lot of tough new dungeons and raids are also coming in 2014, said Treeshark. Meanwhile, Elite status members can look forward to better perks that will make their monthly payments worth every penny.

January though seems to be a big month for TERA. Here's a list of what's coming: A new exclusive mount that might outshine the jeweled lion; more free buffs and gifts for everyone; and a Rootstock festival event that's set to rock the Freeholds area.

Not to mention the already revealed Kumasylum battleground concept also landing in January, wherein players get to flex their evil side by controlling a killer kuma.

Treeshark spent the rest of his letter highlighting the five most important milestones the action rpg achieved in 2013. These include adding unique dungeons and raids, rolling out fresh battlegrounds, hosting a month-long first anniversary celebration, nurturing a lively community, and the successfully shifting to a free to play mmo model.


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