TERA lays out June and July content line-up

By Michael Jamias
tera june july content updates

See what you can expect from the action combat mmorpg in the next two months.

Every weekend this June, the TERA team will be handing out random rare prizes to players.

But the more exciting events come in July 2 when TERA activates its giant patch headlined by the Corsairs' Stronghold, a 20-vs-20 castle siege battleground.

Unlike the max-level-only battlegrounds Fraywind Canyon and Champions' Skyring, Corsairs' Stronghold will be open to level 30 and up players. The upcoming battleground will also give out experience, making it viable now to level purely through PvP battlegrounds play.

What's stopping though a max-level, fully geared player from dominating an opposing team filled with level 30 newbies?

Developers will be introducing equalized gear, which gives each member in the team regardless of their level to contribute and even become a match hero.

What also makes the battleground exciting is the use of tanks and cannons either defensively or offensively during castle sieges.

Moreover, the July 2 patch deactivates the political system in lieu of the introduction of the alliances system, which is set to arrive later in August in a separate update.

Compared to the other updates so far for the free rpg, the July 2 patch will be relatively big so a pre-loading period will be enacted later this month with details and timelines to be revealed "soon."


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