TERA now free to play in NA and EU

By Michael Jamias
tera free to play now

TERA officially joins the ranks of free mmo games, and marks the moment with a feisty launch trailer.

In this video, we see each of the TERA classes take their turn against those nasty big ass monsters or BAMs.

The trailer also captures arguably two of the best things about TERA: Its true action combat system that emphasizes positioning and combo executions, and its stunning character and environment graphics that put most other RPG Games, free or otherwise, to shame.

We also get a glimpse of the new content and bosses coming with the free to play launch, including the Crucible of Flame dungeon for PvE and Champions’ Skyring arena for PvP.

The Crucible of Flame dungeon “offers a completely new kind of dungeon experience,” said European publisher Gameforge in a release. “As players battle against monsters and bosses at various difficulty levels, they compete for dominance in a ranking system. Challengers who reach the top levels can look forward to valuable rewards.”

Meanwhile, the Champions’ Skyring is a 3 vs. 3 arena that will test both skill and teamwork. Victorious trios will earn Killing Spree Credits, a newly introduced TERA currency that can be exchanged for special PvP equipment. Top-ranked Skyring teams also have a chance at receiving “a powerful new skill.” Arena fans can also join in on the excitement without actually jumping into the fray by simply watching the fights via the new spectator mode.


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