TERA expands free play up to level 28 with Discovery Edition

By Michael Jamias
tera free level 28 discovery edition

TERA has launched the Discovery Edition, which lets players climb to level 28 with no time restrictions whatsoever.

This means free players can take all the time they to explore the vast world of TERA. The increased free play level cap also makes trial mode more addicting since you can battle more powerful Big Ass Monsters and unlock more skills for your free rpg character.

To download the free Discovery Edition, free players first need create an account via the En Masse login page. After the email address you enter has been validated – check your spam folder if the validation notice doesn’t pop up in your inbox – the download option will appear. Finish installing the Discovery Edition to start playing for free.

To promote the expanded free play option, TERA has also launched a Facebook contest with free mmorpg rewards. Instructions are simple: TERA Facebook subscribers need to share this post and with increasing shares there will be prize unlocks:

- 1,000 shares – free code for a permanent dye
- 2,500 shares – free code for 5 canephora potions and 5 Cracker Confettis
- 5,000 shares – everybody gets to enjoy a Double Dungeon Drop Weekend on November 30 to December 2


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