Eat up these new TERA foodie weapon skins

By Michael Jamias
tera foodie weapon skins

Everyone likes summer treats and in TERA these come in the form of foodie weapon skins.

En Mass Entertainment has sweetened the final stretch of summer by releasing summer-food-themed skins for the most popular weapons in the action online rpg.

Developers assured that every class can get its own special foodie weapon skin, which are not only fun to look at and take screenshots with, but will also rock impress opponents in PvP.

The full list of foodie weapon skins per TERA class is listed below:

- Chocolate & Strawberry (Warrior)
- Shish Kebab (Lancer)
- Swordfish (Slayer)
- Bento Ax (Berserker)
- Sushi-Go-Round (Sorcerer)
- Bananana (Archer)
- Panda Ice Cream Bar (Priest)
- County Fair Corn Dog (Mystic)

These foodie weapon skins can be purchased either as permanent or 7-day temporary skins, and look worth their laughs for the pretty cash shop coin spent to acquire them.

Elite status members also stand to receive a 15% discount for these weapon skins, which will be availabe through the Valkyon Outfitters and Valkyon Outfitters Online.

MMO grinders are also encouraged to inspect picnic basket loot boxes, which will have a random chance of dropping a foodie weapon skin or a consolation foodie item like the Chef’s Toque, Head Shrimp, Fish Head or Turducken Hat items.


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