TERA previews Corsairs’ Stronghold battleground and pirate digs

By Michael Jamias
tera corsairs stronghold trailer pirate costumes

Watch the new Corsairs' Stronghold trailer and ogle the pirate costumes now available in TERA.

The trailer focuses mainly on the siege aspect of the new 20vs20 battleground.

There will be defenders and attackers who will vie for the control of the Anchorstone. Defenders will need to thwart invaders from breaking into the garrison by climbing over walls or blasting down the front door with powerful siege machines. Meanwhile, attackers will need to coordinate their troops and siege machines to overwhelm the defenders and secure the Anchorstone stored within the garrison.

What makes the Corsairs’ Stronghold such an exciting addition to the mmorpg is that it will allow players of all levels to participate, with non-level 60s given boosts and equalized gear so they do not get stomped on by max-level players.

This also makes the new battleground less about who has the best gear and higher level, but about which side can better strategize and work as a team to fulfill either the defender or attacker objectives.

The Corsairs' Stronghold draws primarily from the pirate theme (corsair literally means pirate) so the free rpg's developers have also drawn up some appropriate digs for landlubbers to wear while fighting in the new battleground.

The new TERA pirate costumes include skull-marked bandanas, leather breeches and striped sailor shirts that seem to look good on all the races, as seen in the trailer above.


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