TERA Club members to receive convenience and cosmetic items

By Michael Jamias
tera club perks

TERA turns into a free online rpg next week, but players can still choose to pay extra to get monthly TERA Club goodies.

Publishers En Masse Entertainment and Gameforge confirmed that those who subscribe to a paid TERA Club membership -- costing roughly the same as the previous monthly subscription rate -- will receive convenience and cosmetic benefits.

TERA Club membership will unlock a special mount and daily boosts, among other premium perks, as well as improved XP and gold income through boost items.

TERA Club members though will have the same content access as non-members. Developers have assured that all TERA players will be able to access the full game content, including complete races, classes, instances, equipment and PvP features.

Developers also announced a new dungeon and PvP arena coming with the free to play system on February 5. The item shop will be re-stocked with boost items and mmorpg account service items that will allow players to change their names or character appearance.

Under the free to play shift, players who purchase TERA before it went free to play will be upgraded to Veteran account status free of charge. Veteran accounts will have special advantages that Free Users – or those who sign up after the free to play conversion.


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