Banquet of Blood spooks TERA tomorrow

By Michael Jamias
tera banquet of blood

Vampires are preying on the locals of TERA, and you'll need to use special slayer skills to end their reign of terror.

En Masse Entertainment has revealed the gory details surrounding its TERA Halloween event, Banquet of Blood, which begins tomorrow Wednesday, October 17 at 12:00PM PDT.

The namesake event will have you hunting down Vampires that have gathered in the Balder's Refuge dungeon to feast on human victims. As a certified MMORPG hero, you obviously won't take this atrocity sitting down. Feel free to use the newly released Vampir-slaying skills to destroy those vicious bloodsuckers, and earn for yourself the Creepy Miss Katonic Pet and Dance Bombs emote as prizes.

Players will also be asked to rush to the defense of candy in the Protect the Treats event. You'll need to make your way to Eldritch Academy where unspeakable horrors are trying to breach the vaults and steal all the students' candy. Help the students repel the hungry invaders and get rewarded proportionately for your efforts with Halloween Candy, a trade-in currency for costumes, accessories and the first ghost pet in the free online rpg, Boo!

If you're craving for stellar costumes, Valkyon Outfitters has also stocked up on special themed outfits and accessories until Tuesday, November 5 at 11AM PST. These include witch and devil get-ups, as well as force helmet accessories that can be mixed-and-matched on your whim. Ultra rare dyeable versions of these costumes are also up for grabs, but you'll need a bit of luck to win them at the store.


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