TERA Lets Loose the Argon Queen on August 22

By Michael Jamias
tera argon queen update

TERA players will know fear next week with the arrival of the Argon Queen in a new update touted as the biggest yet for the online rpg.

The namesake Argon Queen update unleashes the ruthless matriarch leader of the Argons, the primary enemy faction in TERA. PvE players will have their hands full attempting the massive new 20-person raid and dungeons that will culminate in a dangerous confrontation with the Argon Queen herself.

Meanwhile, PvP players get to relish the thrill of a brand-new PvP battleground mode, where two teams of 15 players each fight each other for control of three bases. But human opponents are not the only ones players should be wary of.

“While opposing players are clashing in real-time action combat, BAMs (TERA’s famed Big-Ass Monsters) and other in-game creatures will be present on the battlefield as well, forcing players to make on-the-fly strategic decisions while in conflict. Special in-game loot will be up for grabs, so players will want to be on top of their game to cash in. Weekly rankings will allow players to track their guild’s progress as well as those of their rivals,” said TERA MMO developer En Masse Entertainment in a release.

The Argon Queen update will be available as a free download patch for the action-oriented online rpg.


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