Here’s what's coming to TERA in 2013

By Michael Jamias
tera 2013 content plans

The action MMORPG is cooking up better Crucible of Flame rewards, a new 3v3 battleground and two new reputation factions.

In its yearend holiday blog post, TERA developer En Masse Entertainment previewed the upcoming content coming in the “next few months.”

“First, we have the Crucible of Flame, which will offer better rewards based on the difficulty you select and your efficiency in clearing the dungeon. For our PvP fanatics, Champions’ Skyring, the new three-on-three battleground, will be coming. Consumable item use is not allowed in this elite battleground and the best players will go against each other using the Elo rating system.”

Two new reputation factions also promise to keep TERA players preoccupied in the early part of 2013. Meanwhile, the crafting and gathering systems will receive much-needed tweaks. Both will be “streamlined and simplified a bit” with decreased crafting ingredients per recipe, which should make crafting in TERA comparatively easier than other rpg games online.

En Masse Entertainment’s Catherine “Minea” Park also spent a moment to recap the best moments of 2012, such as the knee-shaking arrival of the Argon Queen in late august, and the warping in of the Nexus Traverse. Park’s personal favorite was announcing the Halloween costume contest winners and watching the intense Canyon Clash matches, two of many player events that have been held in TERA.


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