Top five mmo summer events
Ah, summertime. It's the season that most people look forward to all year. School is out, families go on vacation, and there's plenty of time to lounge by the pool. Of course, it's also the time when many gamers spend extra hours playing their favorite mmorpg games late through the night and into the wee hours of the dawn. A lot of online games celebrate this sun-soaked season by having their own special event. Slather on the sunscreen and put on...
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Jun 29 2017
Top five ways to look at mmo layoffs
The virtual worlds of online games offer players both enjoyment and a welcome respite from the mundane reality of the real world. While gamers look upon online games as a source of fun, they are actually businesses in every sense of the word. A lot of people work on such games, and their continued employment is determined by how successful the game is as well as some other factors. Just like in the traditional business world, the realm of online ...
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Mar 16 2017
How to make a great f2p mmo
The last year has been an interesting one for the virtual world of online games. It seemed that the free-to-play mmo was going to continue to be the undisputed king, especially in light of games like League of Legends that rake in over a billion dollars. Yet a funny thing began to occur as many game companies began to realize that very few games will ever match the success of League of Legends. Newer titles like Overwatch released not as a f2p mm...
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Dec 20 2016
TERA August 2016 update
One of the joys of playing TERA is that players can fly around part of the game's virtual world on a variety of mounts. This flight component is getting expanded with the game's next update, which also includes a brand new solo dungeon for players to explore. The August update introduces the new solo TERA Castle Aranea dungeon along with the ability for players to take to the skies over Southern Shara as six new free flight zones are being added....
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Aug 08 2016
TERA Aces Wild update now live
There's nothing to beat the dog days of summer like getting a slew of new content in your favorite online rpg. Players of TERA are in for a treat today as the latest update is now live and adds a bunch of new content and features to the fantasy mmo. The TERA Aces Wild update features a new dungeon, the ability to solo dungeons, a new battleground where players take on the role of BAMs, and much more.The TERA Aces Wild update allows players to...
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Jul 07 2016
Excited about the rest of the TERA 2016 plans
TERA has carved out quite a nice niche as an action-orientated mmorpg. It's combat system is dynamic, fluid, and a ton of fun. So far, 2016 has been a pretty good year for the online game, as can be seen by the most recent Secrets & Shadows update and the introduction of the Ninja class, and it looks like the rest of the year is going to be jam-packed with goodness as well. En Masse Entertainment recently posted what the game's developer, Blu...
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Jul 01 2016
tera aces wild july 7
Are you a mere solo player or a killer ace? The distinction will be made clear as TERA deals its newest content update, Aces Wild, on July 7. Aside from the release date, En Masse Entertainment reveals more details about the upcoming TERA Aces Wild update which hands out a mixed stack of PvE and PvP content.For PvE fans, the new Ace system brings more excitement and a chance to make your mark as a dungeon slayer extraordinaire. Players will ...
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Jun 29 2016
tera free character slot mount
There are tons of new Ninja characters and flying mounts roaming around TERA these days with the release of the Secrets & Shadows update. But if the new content isn't quite enough of an incentive for you to log into the mmorpg, then maybe freebies will. TERA developers will be granting a free character slot and a permanent Snowdrift snow leopard mount to all players that log into the game by May 31. The TERA free character slot should let y...
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May 25 2016
tera secrets shadows update release
Speed and stealth seem to be the name of the game in TERA as it gets cloaked in the newest Secrets & Shadows update. The TERA Secrets & Shadows update sends out the slippery fast Ninja class, a fleet of flying mounts and a gust of new dungeons.The Ninja class has long been clamored by fans, and she enters the mmorpg in a diminutive but dangerous package. Ninjas zip through the fights with their dashes and evasive maneuvers, landing a...
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May 18 2016
tera ninja class release date
She will hide no more! The new TERA Ninja class will come out of the shadows and join the frontline ranks of the action mmorpg as the Secrets & Shadows update releases next week on May 17. The Ninja is a frontline damage dealer that can seriously put on the hurt on enemies, but she relies on quick repositions and disables to prevent damage from hitting her fragile frame. To mark the arrival of the new update, En Mass Entertainment released ...
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May 10 2016