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  • Talisman Online: character creation

    Talisman Online: character creation
    Talisman Online has a simple creation process. Just pick your hair, face and name....
    Talisman Online: character creation

    Talisman Online: MMOMage

    Talisman Online: MMOMage
    MMOMage, the monk, walks across rainbows on a daily basis! He is very confusing....
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    Talisman Online: Combo starters
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    Talisman Online: Combo finishers

    Talisman Online: Combo finishers
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    Talisman Online: Combo finishers

Talisman Online Gameplay

Talisman Online Gameplay

Talisman Online is a free to play fantasy MMORPG released by Miracle Castle in 2007. Steeped in the mystical Oriental lore, Talisman Online transports you into a world where an ancient evil called Master Blood poses a singular threat to all known life. Led by Master Tian Meng, five powerful heroes sealed off the monster and brought peace back to the world of Talisman Online. These same heroes spread out and took in apprentices to pass on their wisdom and skills. 500 years later, the Master Blood’s prison cube disappears. Here is where your Talisman Online adventure begins, with your trainee hero seeking to uncover the mystery of the missing artifact. You can choose from one of five classes -- Monk, Wizard, Fairy, Tamer or Assassin – each with its unique set of appearance style and combat skills. Playing Talisman Online requires you to create an account and download the game. Only three characters can be made per account so you have to choose the ones you like best, or create another Talisman Online account.

Each new Talisman Online character starts in the Green Scarp area. Progression proceeds like most other MMORPGs, with standard quests and mob kills rewarding experience points and beginner gear, ramping up in difficulty as your character moves to the high level zones. A special resource in Talisman Online is Energy, which can be spent to power up your Talisman items, three of which you can equip at any given time. You can also wear armor and accessory equipment that bump up your stats and alter the look of your character. Talisman Online goes for the high fantasy look but with far less detail and polish than your top-tier MMOs. Still, there is charm to be found in the gigantic weapons, brightly colored graphics, and theme park role-playing features of Talisman Online.

Like most free to play games, Talisman Online has an online cash shop. It sells item box expanders, weapon enhancements, stat boosts, combat consumables and mounts – all in exchange for cash-bought T-Points. Some of the wares can be obtained by questing in-game, but a majority can only be bought at the cash shop. While it is not required to shell out money to get decent gear in Talisman Online, don’t be surprised to see some very powerful players that have muscled up through the cash shop. A small comfort for non-shoppers is that these super-powered characters might give you a hand in a quest or two.

By Rachel Rosen

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