Tales Runner officially launches

By Michael Jamias
tales runner launches

After two successful beta practice laps, Tales Runner has warmed up enough to officially release in North America. The fairy tale racing and free to play mmo dashes into commercial service packed with content for a wide variety of racers.

Do you have the feistiness of a roller girl? Toughen up and head to the PvP tracks, which include relay, co-op and team game modes for up to 30 players at a time. Invite some buddies so you can tag-team your opponents, or go at it alone in survival mode for a real sweaty challenge.

Do you feel like being a hero but this time in a racing online rpg? Then go the PvE route. Tales Runner pits you against epic bosses from legendary fairy tales where your wits, speed and tactical maneuvers are your greatest weapons.

Perhaps you're a pet love? Tales Runner even makes room for you, offering a pet racing feature where you can take care of a pet and train it to become the ultimate racing machine. Then dare your friends to see whose pet rules the roost by letting them loose on a fun pet racing track.

For the casuals, the Tales Runner launch has unlocked the full selection of mini games, costumes, and farming features to help you build a life outside the racing tracks.


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