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tales runner steam
It's been almost a year since Tales Runner launched but after some prep it's now landing as well on the Steam platform. The mmorpg racer is expanding to the popular videogame distribution platform where it hopes it can add more runners to its community.In fact, developers expressed optimism that the Tales Runner Steam launch will be one of the biggest milestones for the game since its introduction to the Western market -- that's a lot of hop...
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Feb 18 2015
tales runner launches
After two successful beta practice laps, Tales Runner has warmed up enough to officially release in North America. The fairy tale racing and free to play mmo dashes into commercial service packed with content for a wide variety of racers.Do you have the feistiness of a roller girl? Toughen up and head to the PvP tracks, which include relay, co-op and team game modes for up to 30 players at a time. Invite some buddies so you can tag-team your ...
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Apr 24 2014
tales runner second beta
Energized by its successful first beta test for Tales Runner, OGPlanet has set the date for another one on April 22. The Tales Runner second beta test is now taking in more participants (you can register via the mmo's official site). OGPlanet said this is also the final Tales Runner beta test, so this is probably your last chance to check out the mmorpg before it officially releases.If you raced in the first beta test, then you'll have plen...
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Apr 11 2014