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  • Tale Runner: characters

    Tale Runner: characters
    Players can choose from 2 characters and unlock 7 more, each with their own stats in Tale Runner....
    Tale Runner: characters

    Tale Runner: controls

    Tale Runner: controls
    Use both hands on your keyboard during the races. Shift, Z, and control on the left uses abilities and items while the arrow keys ...
    Tale Runner: controls

    Tale Runner: quests

    Tale Runner: quests
    Complete quests to earn rewards like experience, items, and even decorations for the farm....
    Tale Runner: quests

    Tale Runner: farm

    Tale Runner: farm
    Players can customize their farm to be their own personal home....
    Tale Runner: farm

Tales Runner Gameplay First Look - HD

Tales Runner Gameplay First Look - HD

Tales Runner is a free to play racing MMO developed by Rhaon Entertainment and published by OGPlanet. It’s a casual social game set in a fantasy world where tales come alive. Popular Western fairy tales like Alice in Wonderland or Jack and the Bean Stalk inspired game developers when creating the world where Tales Runner takes place. King Henry is the ruler of this magical land, he is a kind king that wants to see his subjects happy and entertained so he created the Fairyland Sightseeing Racing Competition event. Those who take part in this competition are called Tales Runners. Great prizes await the contestant that proves to be the best Tales Runner but the competition is tight and many tasks need to be completed before getting the big reward.

Although racing is the main gameplay element, players can also enjoy other features like mini games, crafting, player housing, pet races and many more. Before adventuring into Tales Runner world, users must create a playable avatar. The character selection is rich but not all characters are available from the start, they must be unlocked by playing the game. Players can customize looks and outfits but they need to keep in mind that attributes are the only thing that influences gameplay. Speed, acceleration, control and power are the 4 stats that need to be improved in order to stand a chance at winning races. The most common way to upgrade stats is by equipping the right gear but there are also buffs and consumable used to boost attributes. Tales Runner is a racing free RPG with multiple game modes, events and contests. New players should spend a bit of time training until they learn how to control their character. There are solo challenges but multiplayer content is what makes Tales Runner fun. Players are allowed to team up for all sorts of co-op races and also compete against each other in various PvP modes. Some maps support 30 players competing at the same time. Events and tournaments rewards players with special prizes. There are PvE mobs and bosses inspired by characters from well known fairy tales.

Farms are Tales Runner player housing feature. Numerous decorative items offer players almost endless possibilities to create custom homes where they can relax and hang out with their buddies. A farm is also a great place to plant crops and raise companion pets. Tales Runner is a social MMORPG that supports guilds, players that are part of a guild earn access to special guild quests and races. Graphics are cute and cartoonish and create a fun and casual in game atmosphere but players will discover that, if played the right way, Tales Runner can be quite a challenging game.

By Rachel Rosen


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