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  • Taikodom: hangar

    Taikodom: hangar
    While docked, head to the hangar to add new items or upgrade existing items for your ship....
    Taikodom: hangar

    Taikodom: skills

    Taikodom: skills
    Specialize your character by adding extra activated or passive skills....
    Taikodom: skills

    Taikodom: combat

    Taikodom: combat
    Use your mouse, A, D, and activated abilities to dodge and destroy enemies in Taikodo....
    Taikodom: combat

    Taikodom: market

    Taikodom: market
    The market is the place to buy and sell items in Taikodo. Players can find it while docked....
    Taikodom: market

Taikodom Gameplay First Look - HD

Taikodom Gameplay First Look - HD

Taikodom is a sci fi free MMORPG developed by Brazilian company Hoplon Infotainment and published for the English speaking audience by Reloaded Games on gamersfirst.com online platform. Players wake up in the 23rd century after 150 years of sleep and find out that the world as they knew it is changed forever. Space colonization, cataclysmic destructions and the war between the Consortium and the Renegades have reshaped the entire universe. The Consortium is an organization of corporations that deal with space colonization and progress in an orderly manner. The Renegades, led by Billy Bates, fight for freedom and liberty but they don’t share Consortium’s points of view. Taikodom players must pick one of the 2 sides, this choice will only impact story quests and doesn’t interfere with character development.

Career (class or role) choices are the same for Consortium and Renegade players. Assault career sacrifices defensive capabilities in order to deal massive amounts of damage, the subroutines (abilities) include burst damage and dot effects, hunter ships are available for assault players. Suppressors drive disruptor ships and have subroutines that place debuffs on enemies, boost own ship or produce a stealthy effect. Taikodom Vanguard is what most online RPG titles call a tank, these players pilot heavily armored gladiator ships and use subroutines to mitigate incoming damage and enhance defense. All Taikodom careers have special abilities and are capable of using class restricted ships that are unlocked by completing game objectives. Even if some classes are better in the offensive area the balanced class design allows them to perform equally while playing solo and to have an important role while playing in a team. Taikodom has real time combat system that makes battles exciting, players can dodge attacks, do combo moves with their ships and much more. Both types of content, PvP and PvE, are available to Taikodom members. There are PvP open areas where everyone can be attack without restrictions or rules and organized battlegrounds (called Battlespace) instanced for each group of players.

Corporations are Taikodom alliances of players and these organizations can be oriented towards economic development or military dominance. Mining asteroids is a very profitable but also dangerous job. Territory Conquest is a Taikodom PvP feature that enables corporations to control and harvest resources from vast regions. Taikodom is a free MMO with a complex crafting system. Players that have the necessary mats and recipes can even build space ships and customize them with enhancements and mods. Looted or crafted goods are sold at the market for a nice profit. Taikodom uses premium features but players aren’t forced to buy anything in order to enjoy this sci fi social MMO.

By Rachel Rosen

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