Swordsman Online trailer narrates hero backstory

By Michael Jamias
swordsman online trailer world intro

Fresh from re-announcing Swordsman Online about a week ago after four years of radio silence, Perfect World Entertainment has gone and released an enlightening new trailer revealing the events that will turn a pupil into a hero.

This Swordsman Online Introduction to the World video gives a recap of your character's story in the martial-arts mmorpg based on the works of Chinese novelist Louis Cha.

As with most other rpg games online, tragedy sets you on the path to heroism. Assassins come into Lone Sword village, your hometown, and go on a murder spree in search of a precious relic that your character is guarding.

Just when the assassins nearly kill you, a mysterious savior whisks you to safety and so begins your journey to discovering the answers to the destruction of Lone Sword village.

Along the way, the Swordsman Online trailer says each hero will be able to train as a disciple to one of ten schools, which suggest a breadth of martial arts specialization.

The graphics in the trailer also look superb, especially the part where the character jumps from rooftop to rooftop. It gives a dynamic feel to town exploration where usually heroes are confined to just walking along the streets to get around.

Perfect World Entertainment has said that it is currently in alpha testing for Swordsman Online, and encouraged fans to "stay tuned" for an upcoming but still undated closed beta.


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