Swordsman Online News

New Swordsman Lone Wanderer trailer
Adventuring in the virtual worlds of online games is always dangerous, so it's comforting (and smart!) to have a friend with you. The latest class for the Swordsman mmo comes equipped with a winged companion that rends and tears its way through the player's enemies. The new trailer for the Swordsman Lone Wanderer update highlights this new Falconer faction.The background of the Swordsman Falconer faction states, "Tragedy has fallen upon one o...
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May 11 2016
Swordsman Christmas events revealed
Even the practitioners of martial arts in ancient China are in the mood for some holiday cheer. Perfect World Entertainment has revealed the schedule for their upcoming Swordsman Christmas events this year for the action mmorpg. Players will be able to partake in snowball fights, get a gift from Santa himself, and have the opportunity to build a snowman.The various Swordsman Christmas events follow a particular schedule, which are listed belo...
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Dec 21 2015
Swordsman Gilded Wasteland gameplay trailer
The martial arts mayhem level is getting ready to heat up as Swordsman gets ever closer to releasing their first expansion. It's rather surprising, and rather refreshing, to see a major update for an mmorpg to be released so soon after the game's launch. Perfect World Entertainment today released a new Swordsman Gilded Wasteland trailer that shows a good amount of gameplay that gamers can look forward to when the expansion officially launches som...
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Oct 09 2014
Swordsman Online announces Gilded Wasteland expansion
It seems that Perfect World Entertainment is not sitting on their laurels. Their Swordsman Online mmorpg was released just over a month ago, and they've just announced the first major expansion to the game. PWE announced today that players can look forward to the Swordsman Online Gilded Wasteland expansion to be released some time this fall.The release for the Swordsman Online announcement states, "Additionally, Swordsman: Gilded Wasteland wi...
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Sep 10 2014
Swordsman Online adds The Demon Pit and contests
With the official launch of the Swordsman Online mmorpg, Perfect World Entertainment is celebrating with some additions to the marital arts-themed game. Players can now try their mettle by venturing into the new Swordsman Online The Demon Pit instance to square off against powerful elemental forces. There are also two Swordsman Online contests that players can enter and attempt to win some prizes.The Swordsman Online The Demon Pit instance is...
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Jul 30 2014
swordsman open beta
Perfect World Entertainment seem to have their eye on every sub-genre of mmo gaming. Responsible for an impressive gallery of free to play virtual worlds, such as Torchlight MMO, Ether Saga Online and, of course, the eponymous, Perfect World saga, their attentions have turned towards some newer, lesser practiced genres. Alongside their upcoming MOBA project, Arena of Heroes, Perfect World are also gunning after the Wuxia themed, medieval mmo mar...
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Jul 04 2014
Swordsman Online announces Hero's Pack
Selling packs that offer early access to mmo games has fast become an online gaming standard in the last few years. The martial arts-themed Swordsman Online is the latest mmo to jump on the bandwagon with a pack that offers virtual goodies and coveted early access. The Swordsman Online Hero's Pack is being offered now for $59.99 and comes with seven items as well as a day of closed beta access and entry into the special early access for open...
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Jun 25 2014
Swordsman Online closed beta June 16th
Who wants to devote a lifetime living in a monastery to become a martial arts master when you can play one in Swordsman Online from the comfort of your own computer? Perfect World Entertainment is giving players the opportunity to fight for the honor of their school in the Swordsman Online closed beta. The action begins later next month on June 16th, so make sure you sign up early to ensure your spot in the closed beta for the mmorpg.Accordin...
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May 27 2014
swordsman online trailer world intro
Fresh from re-announcing Swordsman Online about a week ago after four years of radio silence, Perfect World Entertainment has gone and released an enlightening new trailer revealing the events that will turn a pupil into a hero.This Swordsman Online Introduction to the World video gives a recap of your character's story in the martial-arts mmorpg based on the works of Chinese novelist Louis Cha. As with most other rpg games online, tragedy s...
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Mar 26 2014