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  • Swordsman Online: customization

    Swordsman Online: customization
    Players can customize their characters in this robust creation system....
    Swordsman Online: customization

    Swordsman Online: options

    Swordsman Online: options
    Swordsman Online uses a traditional 3rd person view that has most expected options including many resolutions including 1200p....
    Swordsman Online: options

    Swordsman Online: classes

    Swordsman Online: classes
    Players decide their class in game after the tutorial after looking at sneak peaks from NPCs in the starter zone....
    Swordsman Online: classes

    Swordsman Online: combat

    Swordsman Online: combat
    Swordsman uses a hybrid between a traditional tab target and action combat system. It feels somewhere between Neverwinter, another...
    Swordsman Online: combat

Swordsman Online Gameplay First Look - HD

Swordsman Online Gameplay First Look - HD

Swordsman Online is a free to play wuxia themed MMORPG developed and published by Perfect World Entertainment. Game developers used the works of Louis Cha as source of inspiration for game’s lore. His books are considered some of the best martial arts themed writings ever. Ancient China during the Ming Dynasty is the location chosen for Swordsman Online adventures. It’s a time when the most influential clans fight to establish their martial arts supremacy. The most prized artifact is a scroll said to contain powerful and unbeatable Kung Fu techniques. The clan that manages to get this ancient scroll will become the greatest force in all China. War depleted the land of its resources and the inhabitants of their peaceful lives. Players start Swordsman Online as mere villagers in a small settlement. Their job is to work their way up and end this terrible war.

Choosing one of the 10 available clans opens up a world of possibilities for Swordsman Online players because each clan has special Kung Fu techniques. Whether it’s the Shaolin clan known for their honorable ways or the rogue like Sun and Moon clan, players enjoy great freedom when it comes to character creation and development. One of the most important features in any martial arts online RPG is the combat system. It has to allow the use of real Kung Fu techniques, combo moves and provide a good challenge even for experienced players. Swordsman Online has real time combat that will make players feel like martial arts fighters. The rich variety of different skills and abilities allows users to come up with lots of unique combat strategies. Arena is the place where players that are confident in their skills go to seek challenging PvP fights. The fighting style is not the only thing that makes Swordsman Online characters unique. Players can visually customize their avatars and equip them with most diverse gear. There is also a crafting system that allows players to create equipment and other useful items.

Angelica III is the game engine used to build the wonderful world of Swordsman Online. Besides human settlements ranging from small villages to big cities where new players will surely get lost wandering the streets and admiring the view, Swordsman Online has luxuriant forests that hide temples and other places worth visiting. Following the main quest line, players will get to travel the entire world and discover its secrets. Like all MMO games, Swordsman Online encourages social interaction and team play. Being part of a guild unlocks special guild activities and events. Swordsman Online target playerbase is martial arts enthusiasts but it can also be a valid choice for any gamer looking for quality gameplay, catchy story line and great graphics.

By Rachel Rosen


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