Strife begins its closed beta

By Tam Mageean
strife beta

With the promise of a second generation in MOBA gaming, Strife announces its shift into the closed beta phase. S2 Games, creators of one of the original competitors in the battle rpg genre, Heroes of Newerth, proudly proclaim that they will be taking the MOBA into the "Next Generation", by building their 5-on-5 battler from the ground up; with a steady learning curve and a high skill ceiling.

What this means, is that they're trying to eliminate all those things you hate, from the MOBAs you like. Final hit arguments will be a thing of the past, as will fountain/nexus camping and champion/hero rotation. Unlike most modern, "freemium" mmo games, Strife will grant access to all of its heroes, completely for free, no rotations or micro-transactions required. However, as a free-to-play game; surely, a monetization model must be hiding in there somewhere.

Set for launch in 2014, Strife will also offer greater Hero diversity and customization, so you can pick a character more on who you like, rather than what they can do. This will be extended through the use of pets, which will also adapt and evolve alongside you.

To apply for the Strife closed beta, head on over to the official homepage and click the link.


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