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strife open beta
According the developers over at S2 Games, Strife has now been in production for over 3 years. The upcoming title is tipped to be at the forefront of the second wave of MOBA games that we're experiencing right now, in the wake of the original mmo successors; DotA 2, League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth. At long last, after years in development, Strife has delved into open beta, in the midst of all the PAX Prime excitement. Unlike many MOBA t...
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Sep 01 2014
Strife adds new hero to closed beta
The Strife closed beta continues to chug along, and the latest patch for the upcoming moba mmo details a list of improvements and new content to the game. Of most interest to fight fans is the introduction of Harrower, the new Stife hero that is sure to stir things up a bit on the battlefield. Harrower is an extremely versatile combatant with a rather nifty ability; he can freely transform between melee and ranged attack forms. Using his cro...
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Jul 11 2014
strife beta
With the promise of a second generation in MOBA gaming, Strife announces its shift into the closed beta phase. S2 Games, creators of one of the original competitors in the battle rpg genre, Heroes of Newerth, proudly proclaim that they will be taking the MOBA into the "Next Generation", by building their 5-on-5 battler from the ground up; with a steady learning curve and a high skill ceiling. What this means, is that they're trying to eliminate ...
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Dec 19 2013
strife reveal pax prime 2013
S2 Games promised to give a comprehensive public preview of Strife, its new MMO MOBA game, during PAX Prime 2013. That's less than two weeks of waiting for fans who want to get to know more about what the makers of Heroes of Newerth are describing as a more "accessible" and team-focused MOBA title. Strife's PAX Prime 2013 preview will be held during the four-day convention from August 30 to September 2. Attendees will be able to get their hand...
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Aug 21 2013