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  • Strife: pets

    Strife: pets
    The pet system works as a way to get secondary skills for your character in game....
    Strife: pets

    Strife: crafting

    Strife: crafting
    Crafting allows you to bring weapons into battle right from the start....
    Strife: crafting

    Strife: characters

    Strife: characters
    The game currently has a small character selection each with its own unique skill sets....
    Strife: characters

    Strife: gameplay

    Strife: gameplay
    Gameplay is nicely polished and easy on the eye....
    Strife: gameplay

Strife Gameplay First Look - HD

Strife Gameplay First Look - HD

Strife is the second free to play MOBA game developed and published by S2 Games. This is the gaming company that brought us Heroes of Neweth, a fantasy strategy game based on the very popular Defense of the Ancients map. As a studio that focuses on MOBAs, S2 Games is committed to infuse novelty into this genre. Developers invite players to bring an active contribution by sharing thoughts and ideas. When it comes to mechanics, Strife aims to be just like MMORPG games with easy to dig in gameplay and player interaction as some of the most important features. There are in game systems that allow smooth player communication, team play ranks better than individual performance and a most handy tutorial guides new Strife players.

Building a game with a massive lore is a big concern for companies that develop story driven RPG games. Titles that focus on PvP often tend to leave out this aspect and shift focus and resources to competitive matters like game modes, hardcore mechanics and so on. However, this is not the case with Strife. Light vs. dark is the main theme with Dharkwave representing the forces of darkness and the Army of Light as the opposing side. The Trials of Strife is a set of difficult challenges for heroes to complete in order to prove that they deserve a place in the Army of Light. Each hero (or champion) has a rich background story and a unique place in this fantasy setting. The world of Strife has 6 component planes (realms) and each plane displays a different theme. These planes are also home worlds to Strife champions. Players interested in Strife lore should definitely check out individual heroes stories and the comic books. There aren’t many playable heroes and this may sound like a disadvantage but it’s all part of S2 Games new approach. Heroes are flexible, they can be customized and fulfill more than one combat role.

Another less common MOBA feature that is part of Strife gameplay is pets. Players collect companions, train them, feed them and enjoy the passive combat bonuses given by max level pets. Equipment is a decisive factor when it comes to character development and performance. You don’t have to wear the standard gear like all other players as wearable items can be customized and enhanced with crafting. This is one great feature that adds up more playstyle versatility. Aggressive and rude players are the bane of most competitive free MMO games but Strife has a few systems to discourage and prevent unnecessary bashing. Karma system, gold sharing, hiding non important statistics during a match are all part of developers efforts to maintain a civilized Strife playerbase and to attract new players.

By Rachel Rosen


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