StarCraft: Brood War is making a comeback

By Tam Mageean
starcraft brood war return

Towards the end of 2013, it seemed like every time a StarCraft player was in the news, it was because they were retiring. 2014 is starting a little differently, and instead, we're seeing old StarCraft: Brood War players returning to the mmorts scene.

The StarCraft: Brood War tournament scene has long since died down, although it was certainly one of the competitive mmorts forefathers, and a huge player in creating the competitive gaming scene in Korea. It has been almost a decade since Brood War's peak, but the scene has continued, thanks to committed fans and gamers, and the underground scene has started to turn heads once more.

It turns out that Brood War is, once again, on the rise in South Korea, and making its way back into televised gaming. Korea's Gomtv plans to celebrate this, by hosting a month-long Brood War tournament in Korea and players, old and new, are expected to be flooding back in their droves to the classic rpg for some competitive, retro eSports action.

Many StartCraft: Brood War players either retired or stuck with the traditional game when that transition was made to StarCraft 2 and hopefully this will give some old classics another chance in the limelight.

The Gomtv Classic will take place from February 9th until March 9th.


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