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  • Starcraft Brood War: multiplayer

    Starcraft Brood War: multiplayer
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    Starcraft Brood War: multiplayer

    Starcraft Brood War: econ

    Starcraft Brood War: econ
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    Starcraft Brood War: 5 pool

    Starcraft Brood War: 5 pool
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    Starcraft Brood War: oops

    Starcraft Brood War: oops
    So 5 Pooling does not work in a 4 player free for all game. The 4th player was ready, oops....
    Starcraft Brood War: oops

StarCraft Brood War Gameplay

StarCraft Brood War Gameplay

StarCraft Brood War is the expansion pack for StarCraft, the popular sci-fi real-time strategy game from Blizzard Entertainment. Even though it is technically an expansion pack, the breadth of content that it injects to the base StarCraft game makes it feel almost like a full game. There are three full campaigns included in Brood War, one each focusing on the Terrans, Zerg and Protoss – the three races of the franchise that are embroiled in constant conflict and war. This impressive addition of campaign mission was intentional, according to developers, who said that it wanted to give it an epic storyline like how narration unfolds in RPG Games like Final Fantasy.

StarCraft Brood War carries on with the same addicting strategy rules of the base game. Players will need to gather resources from a location-bound map and spend those resources to construct buildings and recruit an army powerful enough to defeat enemies and reach various objectives on a given map. In general, Brood War missions are more difficult and more strategic in the sense that there are now various ways to finish a map. Players can still force their way through many of the campaign maps, but there are now alternative win goals. This makes the game feel more like a strategy game of decisions than a build-amass-conquer exercise. Brood War also introduced seven new units, including an air-to-air attack unit that expanded the military unit options across all three factions. Blizzard even incorporated feedback from the base game by tweaking unit costs and powers in StarCraft Brood War, in the name of balance. As a result, this discouraged rushing tactics, which involved producing a mass of smaller units to overwhelm enemies before they can set up and establish properly. Of course, this concern was more voiced out in PvP matches than in campaign mode.

While single-player campaign mode was lauded by critics and game reviewers, it is undoubtedly the multiplayer options in Brood War that made it a staple game that offered hundreds of hours in replay value. Players can freely choose one faction in multiplayer and wage war in a pre-set map against other human players. It became so popular around the world that it is often cited as jumpstarting the professional online rpg and strategy gaming scene in countries like South Korea, where StarCraft teams composed of full-time pro gamers vie for cash prizes in tournaments of play skill. StarCraft Brood War packs a lot for a supposed expansion pack, and those who have bought the original StarCraft will sure will not be disappointed at the breadth and quality of additions that come with it.

By Rachel Rosen


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