StarCraft Universe hits its crowdfunding target

By Tam Mageean
starcraft universe kickstarter

With just over a day to go on it's Kickstarter campaign, the Blizzard-backed StarCraft Universe, has exceeded its $80,000 target. StarCraft Universe sets out to be a multi-player, free to play Online RPG, with heavy MMO roots. Although it started as a Starcraft 2 mod, it will not require purchase of StarCraft 2, in order to be played; the free, Starter Edition is all you'll need. StarCraft Universe plans to be released episodically through as a series of custom games.

When discussing their relationship with Blizzard Entertainment, the creators, Upheaval arts said,

"They have given their blessing/permission for us to launch this Kickstarter, and they are supporting our efforts by featuring SCU as an Arcade Highlight."

StarCraft Universe RPG screenshot

The developers are hopefully going to have the game off the ground later this year, but state early 2014 as the very latest for open-beta.

Don't stop now though! The RPG has much higher aspirations than it's $80,000 goal. Upheaval Arts are offering everything from new class types, improved character development, a MOBA-inspired PvP zone and even and entire, fully-explorable Koprulu sector if higher targets are met; which reach all the way up to the $1,000,000 mark. Pledges will gain you exclusive items, in the usual Kickstarter fashion, depending on how much you wish to pledge, starting at $1.

StarCraft Universe Harvester

Awards for pledging include everything from additional in-game content, to collectors editions of StarCraft II, to even getting an item, NPC or PLANET in-game named after you! If it doesn't meet it's higher targets, they'll surely start another Kickstarter once the game is on it's feet. Keep an eye out for follow-ups to this fan-made success in future Kickstarter campaigns.


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