Razer announce open-access StarCraft 2 tournament

By Tam Mageean
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Razer, gaming entrpeneurs, sponsors, and mad-scientst-level inventors of pro eSports gaming equipment have announced a day-long tournament for their StarCraft 2 players, with a $500 prize pot.

In a refreshing twist, the Razer Starbow StarCraft 2 tournament has proudly opened the gates for all competitors on the North American server, regardless of their skill-level, rank or tier.

First place will walk away with $250, with second and third places netting $150 and $50 respectively.

This is Razer's first attempt at an open, StarCraft 2 tournament, and if you're used to seeing $10,000 and up, professional tournaments, don't be too quick to turn up your noses at the quainter, community-driven event.

The announcement of a big player like Razer offering small, prize-pot, open tournaments will do wonders for the pro-saturated community. Giving players a chance to compete, and feel tournament pressure, and know the feeling of having the prize within their grasp, with the added benefit of being able to play as a casualmmo fan, amongst other amateurs.

Skepticism has already appeared, with many fearing that, as an open tournament, it is subject to still being overrun by the bigger mmorts heayweights, who could simply see it as an easy-kill way to make some cash.

Since the prize pool is comparatively small, and the bracket has the potential to fit 512 competitors into a grueling battle to the death; hopefully the bigger guns won't see it as worth their while, and will leave it for the fans. At worst, you'll get the rare opportunity to face-off against a big-league shark, which for many, is as good a prize a the bucket of dollars.

The tournament will take place, in its entirety on January 19th and will be streamed live via the Razer eSports Twitch stream.

For more information, and to register for the event, check out the RazerZone website.


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