StarCraft 2 - MC leaves SK Gaming, Bomber leaves StarTale

By Tam Mageean
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After yesterday's revelation; that the pro mmo team, Quantic had been outed for their sketchy behavior, the last thing StarCraft 2 needs is news of more players jumping ship without explanation.

We reported yesterday that Quantic pro, HyuN was considering a Starcraft 2 retirement, following numerous acts of unprofessional behavior from his team, such as missed payments, disappearing managers and fraudulently allocated prize-winnings.

Today, we've received information that 2 other pro gamers have left their respective mmorts teams, with little explanation as to why. Min Chul, aka "MC", has left SK Gaming and Choi "Bomber" Ji Sung has left his team, StarTale.

SK Gaming and MC have both stated that the split between them was amicable, but since MC was their only StarCraft II signing, you can't help but wonder if SK have decided to cease their investment in the mmorts, in order to pursue their other channels, like League of Legends.

Bomber, on the other hand is reportedly just looking for a change of scenery; as his enlistment date into the south Korean army draws closer.

"This was really tough choice but I only have one to two years left before I join the military so I want to focus more on traveling and competing in tournaments outside of Korea."

Hopefully Bomber will choose to stick with eSports; as with viOLet in December, it is now possible for players to remain in gaming regardless of national conscription, by becoming a pro gamer in another country.

If this is, as many fear, the start of an influx of StarCraft retirements, things could begin to look bleak for it's legitimacy in eSports. If the professionals themselves lose their faith in it as a viable career choice; how are the fans and dreamers supposed to respond?


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