Duckdeok replaced by Mvp in StarCraft 2 WCS 2014

By Tam Mageean
starcraft 2 mvp

Back in mid-December, we reported on the story of Duckdeok; a successful StarCraft 2 player, who was torn between his inconsistent lifestyle as a mmorts pro, or a more reliable, but uncharted future as an academic; returning to school to complete his GED and chase the life of a white-collared professional.

Duckdeok had actually planned to retire sooner, but, unfortunately for him, he was ensnared by his own success, and victories in the WCS Europe Championship, WCS Europe Season 3 and the WCS Globals at Blizzcon all convinced him to stay, so he strived to follow through, and take full advantage of his opportunities in the pro gaming world.

He has since bit the bullet and retired from eSports altogether, however, and has left behind a Duckdeok shaped hole in the StarCraft 2 European WCS standings for 2014. Fans, for the past 4 weeks, have bickered over who was deserving of the slot, who held the highest ranking, who could fittingly fill the gap for the Protoss absentee, but in the end, on paper, their was only one player who could take over.

Today, the event organizers at ESL announced that his replacement in the 2014 World Championship Series would be Incredible Miracle's leading Terran player, Mvp. Mvp holds 2100 points from last year's WCS Europe events, and is head and shoulders above the competition waiting in line. Mvp's infamy and tournament success had, for many, already earned him the right to play in the premiership, and his space in the Challenger League has left an opening for another aspiring gamer to rise up into.

With a couple of weeks left before the WCS European League kicks off, there'll undoubtedly be some more twists and turns, as fans of the competitive mmo get ready, but with the long awaited inclusion of Mvp, WCS Europe is really starting to take shape.


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