StarCraft 2 is returning to MLG

By Tam Mageean
starcraft 2 mlg

After a year on the rocks, MLG (Major League Gaming) has welcomed StarCraft 2 back onto their schedule for 2014.

On January 19th, MLG will be hosting the StarCraft 2 GameOn Invitational, after reevaluating the poignance of the mmorts as a Western eSport.

"We all follow the major tournaments in Europe, the team leagues in Korea, and the overarching WCS, but we realized that outside of Shoutcraft America, the Americas have very little in the way of online or offline competition. So we began asking players if they would be interested in Americas-only competition."

Hopefully, this is the start of something great for Western fans of the space-aged rpg, as their competetive StarCraft scene has been somewhat lacking, when compared with European and Asian event hosts.

To follow up, StarCraft II will also be gaining some stage presence at the illustrious MLG Anaheim in June; one of the most prestigious pro-gaming events in America.

The focal point, for both of these events, is to get high publicity, American StarCraft back into the limelight, with both events being held open as American-only face-offs, which will hopefully open the gateways for more American players on the roster at international events in 2014.

Lastly, MLG have apologized for dropping StarCraft in the first place, and have admitted that they'd made a huge mistake.

"We recognize that in the past we were not as transparent and communicative as we should’ve been. We’ve learned that community interaction and involvement is essential in creating a successful tournament scene."

If you'd like to vote on your favorite American players to qualify for the event, you can do so on the official GameOn website.


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