Voting for the StarCraft 2 GameOn Invitational begins

By Tam Mageean
starcraft 2 invitational

Last week, we reported on StarCraft 2 returning to MLG with the lengthily titled, MLG GameOn StarCraft II Invitational tournament. The tournament, starting on January 19th, is the first of many MLG tournaments to grace the US StarCraft schedule this year, thanks to the mmorts being reinstated as an MLG game.

In a recent "Ask Me Anything" livestream, GameOn organizer, Catz described how players would be entered into the invitational.

"MLG made the list for the invites, and that's 12 invited players. There's going to be another 4 that are going to get voted in."

GameOn also confirmed that they'll be full partners with mmo match-makers, MLG for this tournament, which will hopefully bring eSports fans back to the competitive rts genre.

The voting list has now been launched on the GameOn website, and features an impressively diverse selection of players, from fNatic underdog, Hellokitty, to the Canadian streamer MsSpyte, there's a host of lower-tier and unsigned goodness in this event. Fans of the up and coming will be glad to see these younger, new players in the MLG limelight and it'll make for a refreshing change and a unique start to MLG's reinvigorated relationship with StarCraft 2.

There are 18 players for you to choose from, and you get 4 votes, per day, per household running up to the event.

The lucky, confirmed 12 have not yet been announced, so it's hard to tell how well they'll hold up against the rest of the competition, but they are set to be revealed at some point in the next 24 hours. The fact that these nominations have been referred to, by GameOn as "not necessarily super-well-known or popular", so who knows what big-hitters they've got planned!


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