Quantic owner disappears with StarCraft 2 pro's winnings

By Tam Mageean
starcraft 2 hyun

2014 is off to a bad start for pro StarCraft II gamer, HyuN. Despite his hard work and perseverance this year with the pro mmo conglomerate, Quantic; it appears he has been under-payed, and quite possibly defrauded by Quantic's owner and manager, Simon Boudreault.

HyuN has suffered some serious hardships with the mmorts team, and in a last ditch effort to preserve his otherwise decorated pro gaming career; he has sadly had to turn to his fans on the Team Liquid forums, to ask for help.

"Simon has gone off the map, and there is no one to be held responsible," declared HyuN, in his damning account, which described, in detail, many of the flawed inner-workings of their business.

According to the account, Mr Boudreault frequently skipped deadlines, missed payments and withheld prize money from the StarCraft II player, and owes him a significant amount in arrears.

"In total it's about $23,000 I have not received."

Many fans have speculated that HyuN's StarCraft II winnings have possibly been used to fund Quantic's upcoming League of Legends efforts, and it's leading HyuN to reconsider his position as a pro gamer.

"I don't know what to do, and it's been a while since I've played since I just can't bring myself to. If someone can't help me out, I might have to quit."

It's heartbreaking stuff to read, so hopefully HyuN can get the support he needs. On top of this, the StarCraft II fraud case could seriously tarnish the legitimacy and credibility of eSports on the whole. Hopefully, organizers will evolve to combat situations like this in the future, possibly by introducing unionized gaming or more secure payment methods.


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