New StarCraft 2 League Announced for AUS/SEA

By Tam Mageean
starcraft 2 esltc

After watching the whole world represent in a variety of tournaments and competitions, at long last, Australia's first team-based StarCraft II League has been announced.

Worldwide eSports ambassadors, The Electronic Sports League, have announced the ESLTC Summer Series, which will draw together Australia's and South East Asia's top MMORTS teams, offering a $1000 prize-pool in its inaugural season.

ESL have a huge reputation in the UK and Europe for putting on regular and consistent competitive MMO leagues and tournaments, from World of Tanks, to League of Legends, and will hopefully provide a boost to the huge, but under-represented Oceanic community.

ESL are currently accepting prospective StarCraft II teams for the league and the top 12 applicants will be placed in the top tier, with tier 2 simply operating as an open pool for the first season, while the league establishes. The best tier 2 teams will have a chance to get promoted into Tier 1 for the second season.

StarCraft 2 ESL Tournament

The top tier teams will be divided across 2, 6-team round robin tournaments, where teams will get 2 opportunities against each competitor; once in a 1v1, pro-league gauntlet, and once in a 4v4, all-kill format.

Think you and your buddies have what it takes to be the best in Australia and South East Asia? Head to ESL Australia's homepage and register your squad! Sign-ups close on November 14th.


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