StarCraft 2 patch to be unveiled at BlizzCon

By Tam Mageean
starcraft 2 blizzcon patch

The StarCraft 2 community is currently preparing for the final stretch before the greatly anticipated WCS finals at BlizzCon in November, and the folk at Blizzard have just announced that a new balance patch will be released after the finals; to keep you competitive during the off-season.

The team haven't set anything in stone yet, but are considering the following 6 alterations as areas of the MMORTS that need adjustment.

1. Mech ground and air attack upgrades combined

2. Widow mine splash radius decreased from 1.75-1.1

3. Siege tank attack period decreased from 3 to 2.7

4. Oracle cost decreased from 150/150 to 150/100

5. Dark Templar movement speed increased from 2.813 to 3.375

6. Roach speed upgrade also increases the burrowed roach movement speed from 1.41 to 2.25

starcraft 2 blizzcon screenshot

None of these changes are final, and are, at present, purely experimental. The SCII team are currently asking for feedback on these proposed changes on their forum, and are accepting other suggestions too.

The changes appear to not only be diverse, but also very significant to areas currently being exploited, such as the unparalleled performance of the Widow splash mines. This splash reduction, paired with the Seige Tank buff should change strategy all the way up into the pro Terran tiers.

Once a balance patch has been figured out, the team are hoping to arrange some test maps with the MMO community to see how the changes play out.

Let us know your opinions on the changes below!


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