StarCraft II hopes to break records with Bitcoin prize-pot

By Tam Mageean
starcraft 2 bitcoin

Bitcoin has been on the rise this year, voraciously creating millionaires and paupers in single bounds. Its volatile price dips and questionable capabilities have, more often than not, left people skeptical about how feasible, or even how legitimate they are.

One nation that is about to embrace the digital currency, however is the mmo nation, with the biggest showmatch prize-pot even being wagered in Bitcoins (provided they hold their value).

When the StarCraft II match-up between Scarlett and NaNiwa was announced, the grand prize of 12 Bitcoins was valued at a whopping $10,000 dollars; more than any 1v1 showmatch has offered to date. However, as this article goes to press, 12 Bitcoins is circling the $6,500 mark, and has slumped as low as $5,400 in the past 24 hours - a pretty significant slump for competitors and investors alike.

The push for Bitcoins to become a recognizable gaming currency is widespread, backed by pro mmorpg gamers such as Team Liquid, and gaming critics like TotalBiscuit, who all hope that Bitcoins will open the doors to getting further-afield players their much deserved prize-pots and sponsorship money; quickly and at a relatively low cost. The standard means of international payment for a lot of tournaments is currently Paypal, who embargo certain countries, and impose spending restrictions on big-earners.

The Bitcoin StarCraft Challenge will be broadcast live on the TotalBiscuit Twitch stream on December 21st. Let us know what you think the 12 Bitcoin prize-pot will be worth by then in the comments section below.


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