StarCraft 2 Community Choice Awards rundown

By Tam Mageean
starcraft 2 awards

The StarCraft II World Championships are all wrapped up for 2013, and the mmo masters at Blizzard Entertainment have called to the community to decide on the highlights and heroes from the mmorts series.

The votes are in and day by day, have been posting the results of their StarCraft II Community Choice Awards. Here's the Rundown:

Favorite WCS America pro goes to...Scarlett!

Beating aLive, HerO, Jaedong, Jim, Polt, Snute and Taeja, the Canadian Zerg runner is without a doubt the Western fan-favorite. No championships to her name yet, but she's already taking out the competition, leaving the pools and qualifiers at almost every US qualifier either top of her group or carrying the dogtags of giants like Hyun and Life with her.

Favorite WCS Europe pro goes to...NaNiwa!

Between DiMAGA, Grubby, MC, MMA, Mvp. NaNiwa, TLO and Welmu; the "King of The North" represented the Dreamhack hosts as the only Swedish player to reach the top bracket and the only foreigner to qualify for BlizzCon's WCS Global Finals. He's quickly risen as one of Europe's finest. Be sure to watch the Swedish Protoss warrior against America's community choice in tomorrows StarCraft Bitcoin challenge

Favorite WCS Korea pro goes to...INnoVation!

INnoVation was voted top Korean over sOs, Rain, Soulkey, Maru, Life, Dear and Bomber. Of that group, only sOs has accumulated as much of a stir, but INnoVation is the true hype-generator. His surgical Terran style is a dream to watch, even when losing, like at DreamHack Bucharest against Taeja; his style simply couldn't be faulted.

Game of the Year - Scarlett vs Bomber at the Red Bull Battlegrounds

Not a perfect game, by far, but one with so many twists and turns and crucial drops that the winner couldn't be called until the final moments of the final game; as Terran and Zerg clashed and fought, tooth and nail, to the bitter end, leaving Scarlett the victor.

Favorite StarCraft II player worldwide - Jaedong

Raise your dongers guys! With 2 tournament wins and countless second placements in 2013, not to mention the fact that he's now the World's most successful and most lucrative pro-gamer of all time; netting $110,000 in winnings this year alone. Let's hope next year he gets some of the bigger titles under his belt.

So who did you vote for? Who are you predicting at the top of the pack for 2014? Let us know in the comments!


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