Duckdeok retires from StarCraft 2

By Tam Mageean
duckdeok starcraft retirement

Yesterday, we heard the awesome news that viOLet had became a fully-fledged, professional, tax-paying athlete; opening the floodgates for professional gamers and heralding eSports and competitive mmo gaming as an acceptable career choice for a new generation of gamers.

So, it comes with great trepidation and sadness, to hear the news that, today, another StarCraft II player is retiring, for the opposite reason. Kim "Duckdeok" Kyeong Deok has announced his retirement from StarCraft II, as he plans on securing a stronger career outside of gaming.

Duckdeok (also known through his gaming avatars, LoveRip and finale) wishes to return to school and earn his GED; something that he left, incomplete, in high school to pursue a career in the professional mmorts scene. He told Korean eSports journal, Dailygame, that he intended on retiring after WCS Season 2, but his surprise $20,000 victory, and his following successes in Season 3 held him off. This may explain the alarming abundance of tears from Duckdeok at the end of Season 2; he clearly loves the game and it has given back to him as much as he has given all of his fans on team MVP.

At 20 years old the South Korean Protoss-wielder leaves with a fistful of awards and gaming achievements, a huge fan-following, some of the most memorable moments in StarCraft II history, and the support of the entire eSports community. He truly was a pleasure to watch.


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