Dreamhack Winter announces its StarCraft opening brackets

By Tam Mageean
dreamhack bracket

We're almost there! After a year of thrills and spills, Dreamhack has approached its climactic event, Dreamhack Winter. The Dreamhack Open has seen the best of the best compete in StarCraft II, all across Europe, from Bucharest, to Valencia and back again, hosting some huge East and West collisions, and some serious South Korean domination. The World's top 20 have been decided and are flexing their muscles, in preparation for one of the largest professional rts games events of the year.

The Dreamhack Winter StarCraft II brackets have been announced, and are as follows:


-Group A

HyuN (Quantic)

NaNiaw (Alliance)

LucifroN (Mousesports)

TLO (Liquid)

Patience (AZUBU)


-Group B

StarDust (mYinsanity)

MMA (Acer)

Life (StarTale)


Polt (CMStorm)


-Group C

Innovation (Acer)

SjoW (Property)

Taeja (Liquid)

sOs (Woongjin)

ForGG (Millenium)


-Group D

Leenock (FXOpen)

goswser (Millenium)

HerO (Liquid)

Jaedong (EG)

Welmu (NewRoSoft)


There's some real, mmorts heavyweights in there, but the most competitive group there is Group C; with Innovation, Taeja and the WCS champion, sOs, all in one group, we're bound to see some upsets along the way. There's 500,000 SEK ($75,800) in the prize-pot, and these guys have been fighting since April to get their hands on some of it, so let's get this show on the road!

DreamHack Winter takes place November 28th to 30th at the Elmia Halls in Stockholm and will be broadcast on Twitch and SVT.


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