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starcraft 2 cute
Let's go back in time for a moment, long before the dawn of the mmo, to the dawn of videogames entirely. Gaming pretty much began with the concept of senselessly annihilating aliens in space. From SpaceWar, to Galaga, to Yar's Revenge, this was the format and the beginning of the "Shmup" genre. Despite it being all very fun, it's actually quite a dark, morally questionable topic when you think about it, granting passage to the likes of Ernest Cl...
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Apr 05 2016
starcraft 2 void launch
It's still quite a popular theory, among mmorts fans, that Blizzard left StarCraft 2 to die and the community kept it alive. In the wake of MOBA games, StarCraft had a pretty tough mission on its hands. MOBA games took strategy gaming and streamlined it beyond recognition, granting gamers faster-paced action, a little bit of skill compression and a continual stream of updates, rebalanced and new content, largely forged by the free to play busine...
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Nov 10 2015
starcraft 2 fixing
Occurrences of collusion, when found in most western eSports and competitive mmo environments, will typically result in the players involved getting disqualified from whatever tournament they're in and usually banned from all other events affiliated with that particular tournament organizer, for good measure. To some this may sound strict enough, but it's a slap on the wrist when compared with Korea's collusion counter-measures. This weekend it...
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Oct 20 2015
starcraft 2 prologue
We've seen StarCraft 2 fall into a bit of a lull in 2015. It's still a massively respected game but it's flagship foothold in eSports isn't quite as solid as it used to be. It's losing the main event slot among the competitive mmo games and MOBAs st the big eSports events, the prize pots are getting smaller, heck, we've even seen some pros in South East Asia return to their Brood War roots. In short, StarCraft 2 is in need of a revival and an ov...
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Oct 08 2015
starcraft 2 cinematic
They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but, in the case of the mmo factory that is Blizzard Entertainment, we've seen that their cinematics are a mark of quality that truly sets the pace and feel for the rest of the game. Since that original "sword in the stone" moment in the original Diablo title, we've seen cut-scenes that are so ahead of their time, they could easily be mistaken for movie exerpts. Well, to get players in the mood f...
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Sep 14 2015
starcraf 2 legacy void release date reveal
Blizzard is planning a big blowout on September 13 -- on that day, the studio will be unveiling the StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void launch date, official cinematic and the WCS Season 3 finals. September 13 will mark the exciting reveal on the launch date as well as the world premier of the StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void cinematic. While we wait for the StarCraft 2 launch date and cinematic, here's the announcement trailer that dropped last year ...
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Sep 02 2015
starcraft 2 jail
When it comes to the physical, LAN side of eSports and mmo games, it's an incredibly rare occurrence when a player doesn't turn up. In-fact, what usually happens is the contrary and gamers will travel hundreds, if not thousands of miles to attend tournaments and represent in their favorite games, rain or shine. Strangely enough, however, that doesn't seem to be the case with online-only tournaments and despite the fact that the logistics, the co...
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Jul 30 2015
starcraft 2 wcs season 2 finals tickets
StarCraft 2 pumps up the eSports excitement this summer with the World Championship Series (WCS) Season 2 Finals on June 26 to 28, and fans that don't want to miss the action live in Toronto, Canada can begin purchasing tickets.The StarCraft 2 World Championship Series Season 2 Finals tickets are available through EventBrite and cost a minimum of CA$10 a day or CA$20 for a multi-day pass for the event to be held at the Metro Toronto Conventio...
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May 04 2015
starcraft 2 beta
So, it's been almost half a decade since StarCraft 2 leapfrogged over Brood War and became the new mmorts daddy (although, Brood War still has a pretty solid scene in Southeast Asia). Although StarCraft 2 is one of the few, modern Blizzard mmo games that doesn't lean heavily towards its lore, there's still some great, essential plot there and StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void will play a vital part in it. As the third and final part in the StarCra...
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Apr 02 2015


Starcraft 2 player fused to chair
Many players are known for the dedication that they have shown to their online games of choice. One area of mmo games that has seen players working hard to perfect their gaming skills is in the arena of eSports. Team members work relentlessly to sharpen their abilities to dominate tournaments, but it seems that one player took his dedication too far. Emergency services were called in Seoul a few days ago when the discovery was made of a Starcraft...
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Dec 05 2014