New rewards for returning Star Wars: The Old Republic subscribers

By Michael Jamias
swtor resubscription rewards

Come back to the fold of the Force, and earn several exclusive rewards.

BioWare and EA are offering a stack of cool prizes if you step away from those other mmo games and renew your allegiance to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The first of these resubscription rewards is early access to Galactic Starfighter, the upcoming PvP-focused digital expansion for the sci-fi online rpg scheduled to blast off on December 3.

That's more than a full month ahead of early access for Preferred status players (January 14, 2014 start) and Free-to-play players (February 4, 2014). Preferred status players are those who purchase anything from the online store. Former subscribers who are no longer paying monthly also fall within this category.

Early access to the Galactic Starfighter expansion gives you a strong starting edge over the rest of the rabid dogfighting pack. You can start honing your fighting skills in the new 12 vs. 12 free flight space combat and its various gameplay modes before the rest of the intergalactic population even gets to load up the expansion. You will also be one of the first pilots to immerse himself in starfighter customization.

Renewing your Star Wars: The Old Republic subscription also nets you exclusive paint jobs for the Scout and Strike Fighter models, plus 2 pilot suits and 2 new in-game titles.


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