Star Wars: The Old Republic hints at galactic housing

By Tam Mageean
swtor housing

Star Wars fans everywhere have always looked on at the cities within the franchises lore; from Calius saj Leeloo to Imperial City and thought, "I wish I could live there!"

Well, the dream may finally become a reality for fans in the Star Wars: The Old Republic realms, as developer, Bioware have hinted that they're branching out into real estate.

Recently, the developers have been conquering the skies of the intergalactic mmorpg, with their Galactic Starfighter expansion, but according to their latest Star Wars: The Old Republic teaser trailer, they're now taking over the terrain too.

Not much is known about their recent, ambiguous trailer, but with the tagline "Welcome Home" it's got a lot of people asking questions.

Star Wars The Old Republic Screenshot

The trailer focuses on a player, deep within a sprawling cityscape walking through what appears to be their very own, customized living room.

Seemingly the furniture and decor can be changed and moved around at the player's whim. With an animated city outside its windows, banners and rugs adorning the walls and floor and everything from plants, to furniture, to general table clutter and even a pet droid in this first, sneak peek; the possibilities are endless for what this trailer could mean.

It is, however, all speculation. We'll just have to wait for now, and hope more is revealed about it in the mmo title's next update.


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