Star Wars: The Old Republic begins preferred early access to expansion

By Michael Jamias
swtor early access galactic starfighter

Preferred early access has commenced for the Star Wars the Old Republic: Galactic Starfighter, the first digital expansion for the sci-fi mmorpg.

Preferred status players -- those who have purchased from the online store or have previously subscribed to the online rpg -- can now enjoy their almost one month's head start compared to free players who get to play the expansion later on February 4.

Any character at any level can participate in the preferred early access, and we know of plenty of players whose first mission is to master their Gunships. A Gunship is a long-range, heavy-hitting vessel -- the equivalent of a sniper rifle in deep space. But in order to dominate your space battles with a Gunship, you will need to be precise with your shots while keeping a safe distance from your targets.

This Galactic Starfighter spotlight: The Gunship shows off the various models available for this sharpshooting vessel:

Gunships also come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors and weapons, as the video above shows.

Pilots can choose to pilot their favorite from various Gunship models such as the SGS-45 Quarrel, SGS-41B Commet Breaker,  GSS-5C Dustmaker, GSS-3 Mangler, K-52 Demolisher, or VX-9 Mailoc.


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