Bounty Hunting Event comes to Star Wars: The Old Republic

By Tam Mageean
swtor bounty event

Good news for all you Star Wars: The Old Republic bounty hunters; sitting at your desks, all "noir" in front of your typewriters, talking about how there "ain't no gigs left in this town for a washed up hack with a bum leg" and so forth, your time has come!

The Bounty Brokers Association is calling in some favors. Word on the MMO's street is that there are too many contracts piling up on the BBA's desk, and their core staff of hunters are all up to their necks in intergalactic paperwork, too busy track these guys down! Well now it's your turn, and any would-be's wannabe's and amateur bounty hunters who are Level 15 and above can now don their fedoras and track these trouble-makers down for some cold, hard cash.

Anyone who thinks they've got the guts should head out to the Imperial or Republic fleet and look for the NPC bounty hunters at the elevators, stood next to their carbonized prize-catches. Follow their directions to a Bounty Hunter Terminal.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Bounty Event

There'll be a new target every day, and once you've eliminated the 5 henchmen bounties, bigger, more prestigious and more difficult targets with greater rewards. Once you're found your "perp", you can choose to either take them out yourself, or turn them into a carbonite block, Han Solo style!

The hunt is on! Star Wars: The Old Republic's Bounty Contract Week Event starts today, and runs until the 19th, but fear not, it will come back to the MMORPG soon, with your head-count saved, so feel free to take your time and be meticulous.

Now what are you waiting for? Get hunting!


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