The War for Iokath Begins in Star Wars: The Old Republic

By Jeff Francis
SWTOR War for Iokath update live

Forces of the Republic and Empire are now battling each other to claim the secrets of the ancient world of Iokath. The latest update for SWTOR features a new world that is dominated by machines and includes appearances by old companions and a new operation. The Star Wars: The Old Republic War for Iokath update is now live for the sci-fi mmorpg, and it brings a wealth of opportunities and content.

The main part of the Star Wars: The Old Republic War for Iokath update is the new world itself. A superweapon has been found on the ancient world of Iokath, and both sides are scrambling for control. Players will join forces with former companion Malavai Quinn or Elara Dome as they make important decisions as the Alliance Commander. An interesting facet of this SWTOR War for Iokath update is that players can align themselves with the opposing faction and accrue influence to earn rewards. Players will be able to pick up daily missions, such as taking part in walker-versus-walker combat, for both PvP and PvE.

One of the biggest components of the Star Wars: The Old Republic War for Iokath update that should cheer up mmo players is the new operation. A team of 8 to 16 players will face off against Tyth, God of Rage. Tyth is a war droid of Iokath who was worshipped as the first of the Old Gods of Zakuul, and he has awakened to once again threaten the galaxy. I know players have long been beseeching the powers that be to make some new operations for the game. Hopefully, the inclusion of this new one is a sign of more to come and not just an anomaly. On another note, I do find it interesting that players can join with the opposing faction for this particular update. It would be cool to eventually see the possibility of a permanent transfer as the character's allegiance fully shifts, even though such an event is very unlikely.

Are you planning on diving into the new SWTOR War for Iokath update today? Let us know in the comments below.


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