Treek, the Ewok companion coming to Star Wars: the Old Republic

By Michael Jamias
star wars the old republic treek ewok companion

One of the most iconic races in the Star Wars: the Old Republic universe joins as a new companion.

Players of the sci-fi MMO can soon purchase Treek, the Ewok companion -- a tanky mammaloid bipedal with a sureshot aim -- for 1 million credits when the Star Wars: the Old Republic patch 2.3 hits the live servers. Patch 2.3 is currently active only on the public test server or PTS.

For those itching to know more about the origins of Treek, watch the trio of spoiler videos below recorded by videogame blogger Dulfy.



Treek communicates in her native Ewok language, and is one tough cookie that should not be underestimated despite her dimunitive size.

In terms of gameplay combat, Treek is designed to be a high sustain tank with powerful threat generation and healing stances. She also has crowd control skills and area of effect damage skills to help with large group battles.

For crafters, Treek also offers +5 Mission Efficiency and +1 Crafting Critical.

Treek can only be purchased once a player of the sci-fi online rpg hits legacy level 40. To earn her trust and loyalty, players will need to give her mainly Technology gifts and the random Trophy, Weapon and Military Gear present.

Once released, Treek will also have one customization -- a bounty hunting skin that requires 250,000 credits and Friend standing with Bounty Brokers Association.


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