Star Wars: The Old Republic ships out Titans of Industry patch

By Michael Jamias
star wars the old republic titans of industry release

The battle for the biggest corporate secrets in the Star Wars: The Old Republic universe has erupted.

In the newly released Star Wars: The Old Republic Titans of Industry patch, the two rival factions race to seize the most prized research from the powerful Czerka Corporation.

Players of the space fantasy mmorpg will need to infiltrate the heavily guarded CZ-198 Labs. What seems to be a normal research lab harbors savage creations and powerful weapons that could tilt the faction conflict in favor of their controller.

Watch the Titans of Industry trailer below:

The CZ-198 Labs are located on a moon and built as a complex manufacturing and shipping facility, composed of beautiful atriums for welcome visitors and ruthless defenses against intruders. This sprawling corporate base will host the brand new Level 55 Flashpoint, with fans dueling against Czerka Corporation's special executive Rasmus Blys who will stop at nothing to exterminate those who threaten his domain.

The Titans of Industry update also introduces the first animal mount in the free online rpg, the fan-favorite Tauntauns available on the planet Hoth; the new Treek companion character; and graphics and performance upgrades that should give the game that added sheen.

Next week, developers have also penciled in the start of Bounty Contract week, an event that will give out hunt-worthy rewards.

After Titans of Industry, the next Game Update 2.4 will go live October 1.


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