New Star Wars: The Old Republic Raid Takes On A Terror From Beyond

By Michael Jamias
star wars the old republic terror from beyond

Terror From Beyond is a new Operation set in the primordial planet of Asation, and will challenge Star Wars: The Old Republic players craving for the next tier of PvE raiding.

Terror From Beyond is filled with firsts for the Star Wars: The Old Republic, according to a new developer preview from BioWare.

For example, the token puzzle encounter found in all past Operations of the sci-fi online rpg will now adapt based on which classes are in the team. “Unlike previous puzzle encounters where solutions were relatively easy to figure out, this one has players leveraging their particular group composition to control a chaotic situation,” said BioWare, suggesting that knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your team will be of utmost importance.

The puzzle encounter is one of five bosses planned for Terror From Beyond. Among these, the most exciting will be the final encounter which the mmorpg developer had no qualms in hyping. “It’s easily the most visually striking encounter we’ve ever built,” said BioWare of its mysterious ultimate boss, hinting only that it’s a “creature of unprecedented scale.”

“You get to fight something that is huge and otherworldly. The difficulty is highly execution-based, and the mechanics are very positional and fun.”

There is a confirmed hard difficulty mode for Terror From Beyond, and it will be balanced for players wearing a full set of Campaign gear. (Campaign gear can be obtained from Operation: Explosive Conflict, which was released in Patch 1.2 before the now free rpg confirmed it was becoming free to play.)

A Story mode will also be released “for players who just want to see the sights, but it’s no walk in the park.”


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