Star Wars: The Old Republic space project trailer fuels speculation

By Michael Jamias
star wars the old republic space project trailer

BioWare teases fans with this Star Wars: The Old Republic space project trailer, which frankly creates more confusion than clarity.

TORWars, one of the biggest fansites dedicated to Star Wars: The Old Republic, got a hold of the minute-long trailer which shows Imperial and Republic fighters engaged in a full-on blaster exchange in an asteroid belt.

The point-of-view comes from what seems to be a third-party observer documenting the escalating skirmishes between the two rival player factions in the online rpg.

What is exciting about the footage is that the Super Secret Space Project just might offer wannabe pilots the full exhilarating experience of flying an X-wing or TIE fighter (but of course named as different models as the MMO is set thousands of years before the age of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.)

Fans gushed in the YouTube video comments, thrilled at the prospect of getting a free flight shooter mode in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

This should also introduce for the first time the concept of space PvP, because the game currently only supports planetary PvP in the form of team-based Warzones.

Are you looking forward to the space project after seeing the trailer? What kind of features will you want to be included in the possible space PvP feature? Let us know in the comments.


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