Star Wars: The Old Republic Stacks More Rewards for Free to Play Launch

By Michael Jamias
star wars the old republic jawa free rewards

Star Wars: The Old Republic fans will receive an exclusive “The Party Jawa” item and additional cartel coins to digital deluxe edition owners when the sci-fi MMO turns free to play.

Star Wars: The Old Republic players voted The Party Jawa as the item they would like to receive when the game launches as a free online rpg sometime this fall.

What exactly is it? The Party Jawa is an item that when clicked, activates a Jawa, a rodent-like hooded native of the planet Tatooine. Jawas are often portrayed as sedate scavengers, but this particular Party Jawa has an uncharacteristically fun animation sequence which involves rocket boosters and balloons.

The Party Jawa will be an exclusive reward to current or previous Star Wars: The Old Republic subscribers as of August 1, and who are actively subscribed when the Free-to-Play option launches. This makes The Party Jawa a loyalty prize for players who did not bail on the online rpg in the few months of lull waiting for the free to play launch.

Developer BioWare has also padded the rewards for box owners. Collector’s Edition owners will receive 1000 Cartel coins to be exchanged for rare items, while Digital Deluxe Edition owners will get 250 Cartel coins.


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